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Deal Alert: Keep Your Garage Clean with This Discounted 16-Quart Oil Drain Container

This container is a must-have for any garage DIYer, and it's 33 percent off.

oil drain container

With the warmer weather moving in, changing your own oil sounds a lot more pleasant. Rather than shivering the whole time, you might actually work up a slight sweat. But before you start on those oil changes, it might be time to upgrade your oil drain container—just to make sure your garage stays clean-ish.

Oil Drain Container, 16-Quart

This one from FloTool is a 16-quart beast—plenty big enough for passenger vehicles, and multiple oil changes at that. It's got a handy handle for easy carrying and can be stored upright without leaking. The basin on the container is elongated as well to help corral the oil stream. The best part? It's 33 percent off on both Walmart.com and Amazon right now, discounted down to just over $11.

oil drain container

Reading through the reviews, we picked up some notes. First, make sure to test the seals before filling it up to ensure there are no leaks. Some reviewers noted that the caps leak without the gaskets. Also, look for a little air-vent hole before filling with oil—it'll help oil drain into the container a bit better.

All in all, it's designed to be a nice oil drain that also functions as a short-term oil storage container. It features the capacity for multiple passenger-vehicle oil changes, and it's big enough for most oil changes on other large equipment. It might not be perfect, but it's an $11 oil container—what do you have to lose? As always, we don't know how long it'll be discounted, so we recommend hopping on this deal as soon as possible. Happy oil-changing—and don't forget some gloves.

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